10 Important DITY Move Tips that you should know

If you are considering a DITY move – now called a PPM – remember these tips from your fellow military spouse

1. Apply for a PPM in advance. 
The service member is required to have counseling before the move, which helps you avoid errors as well.

2. Calculate your weight correctly. 
You receive an advance of 60 percent of your expected reimbursement. If you estimate too much weight, you will have to pay back the difference.

3. Get certified weight tickets. 
Carefully check all the regulations regarding weight tickets. If you don’t have official ones, you won’t bepaid and you may have to pay back your advance.

4. File your claim within 45 days.
If you don’t file, the government will take back their advance.

5. Don’t move before official orders are received. 
You are not entitled to be reimbursed for expenses paid before you have official orders.

6. Don’t do it all yourself. 
You can negotiate with a moving company; get a crew to load or unload, or a driver to haul the items.

7. Shipping containers might be a good option. 
The family packs the home, and then a company drops off the container for the family to load. The company takes it to the destination. The family unloads.

8. Know our budget. 
You may pay a crew to load and unload your things, but don’t spend more than your estimated reimbursement.

9. Be organized. 
A DITY move requires juggling endless paperwork, details and regulations. When something goes wrong, you need a plan B.

10. Get packing materials from new neighbors. 
You can be green and save hundreds of dollars by recycling others’ used boxes and paper.

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