Researching Your Personally Procured Move

Now that you have thought of the reason why you want to do a DITY move, the next thing you should do (before you pack) is to research. Before you turn your nose up at this suggestion, it is important to realize the importance of proper research and evaluation before taking steps for relocation. Think of it in terms of being a consumer. Say you want to buy a brand new Ferrari and you have to spend every single cent of your savings to be able to afford one. Coming to a decision of buying the Ferrari is life-changing, not because of the purchase itself, but because you will be spending all your money without any thought for future needs.
Surely, you would not just waltz into an automobile showroom and purchase the Ferrari right off the bat. You would probably be examining every single detail and every inch of the car, noticing every minute scratch or bump, checking the condition of the engine and tires, so on and so forth. It is the same and even more with relocation. You would need to know what kind of conditions you would be living in, especially if you are taking family and loved ones with you. Unlike the brand new Ferrari which has a warranty, you cannot just repack after a few days in your new abode and say you have had enough and want to go back home.

How Do You Research a Country You Are Moving To?

1. Look for web sites and/or blogs specializing on that country. You could also buy travel guides in the form of books or videos to get a visual feel. Read on everything you can get about the country you are heading because sometimes, the small and insignificant details are what really matter for every day living.
2. Take part in forums or community discussions. Most of the times, what you read is not what you get. The best way to know about a country is to ask people who had lived or are living there. There is nothing like asking a local about the situation of a particular location. Why? Because you would not be going there for a short-term tourist visit but will be spending a length of time living there as a resident. You would need to know the nitty-gritty, pithy details and not just fluff and hype.
3. If it is possible, you could also visit the country for a short time prior to moving so you would be able to get a first-hand feel of living conditions.
4. Consult the country's embassy or consulate. If you have grounds for visitation, they can be quite accommodating. Simply explain your situation and ask for advice or any material you can study.
These are only some of the ways you can do research. You would most likely be able to think of ways when you are already in that situation. Now you understand why coming to fully comprehend your reason of moving is so important in the first place - for you to be able to realize the gravity of your decision. You would be living a life away and different from that which you are accustomed. The place would be different, the food would be different, people would be different, the language might be different, and yes, you might not even find your favorite brand of cheese or beer or chocolate in the consumer market of that country. Most of all, you have to ensure your security and the security of your loved ones if you are bringing them with you.