Personally Procured Move Checklist

Military men often choose to do a DITY move because of the potential financial benefits, but are then overwhelmed by the complications of a personally procured move. Below you can find a list of crucial things that have to be done correctly before your DITY move.

chkmark.gif (247 bytes)Empty Freezer and Refrigorator 48 hours prior to move, defrost and clean and leave doors open to allow for drying.
chkmark.gif (247 bytes)Double check closet, drawers and shelves to be sure all are empty.
chkmark.gif (247 bytes)Dispose of all flammables, cleaning fluids, bleach, paint, aerosol cans, and ammunition.
chkmark.gif (247 bytes)Set things aside and label items you do not want to be loaded.
chkmark.gif (247 bytes)Drain gas and oil from power equipment.
chkmark.gif (247 bytes)Arrange payment of mover.
chkmark.gif (247 bytes)Remove all jewelry, cash, and valuable documents and carry these yourself.
chkmark.gif (247 bytes)Have all fragile boxes marked and set aside.
chkmark.gif (247 bytes)Have extra boxes available for last minute items.
chkmark.gif (247 bytes)Sign Bill of Lading and make sure delivery address is correct.