Calculating Your Decision

I love waking up the first morning in a new home. Exhausted by the move and surrounded by boxes, I am filled with anticipation and relief. I can’t wait to see how the sunlight will enter my new bedroom. Sometimes, I’m a little nervous about starting a new routine, but I am always relieved to be finished with the uncertainties of searching and the stress of physically moving. Getting to this first morning is no small accomplishment, regardless of whether you are moving down the hall or across the country: It feels great.
If you are entering the decision phase of your search, you might feel overwhelmed, wondering if that first morning will ever arrive. The good news is that anxiety evaporates when you have a clear understanding of your priorities and your range of options. The goal of this book is to help you assess how you want to live, learn all of the options, and know how to search, so that you will have confidence when the time comes to decide.

Narrowing Down the Finalists

The best decisions in life result from a balance of education and instinct. Essentially, you need to be as informed as you can, but in the end you should follow your gut. In the searching phase, you want to look at every viable option, even if they aren’t all perfect. This will give you a good understanding of comparable properties and the full range of choices. You will be naturally drawn to some homes and easily eliminate others. Now, as you enter the deciding phase, it is time to assess your short list and narrow it down to a finalist by frequently checking back in with your priorities and listening to your instincts.