Military DITY Move life hacks

  • Keep possession of all your receipts for food, lodging and gas. You will have a per diem rate for everything but you never know. Better to have them and not need them... than, well, you know. Also, be sure to weigh your vehicles so you can get the full amount for moving your own stuff.
  • Pack your dishes and other breakable stuff with your towels and other clothes that dont have hard buttons like button fly jeans. Get a sharpie and label all the boxes so you know what goes where in your new home.
  • Put the the dimensions of your moving truck in your garage in pink duck tape. Preposition your furniture inside the pink duck tape. When you get your truck, the fitment guess work is done and you save time. I made this up on my dity back in May and I move out my house and pack the truck one day with little to no headache
  • You can most likely get away with getting a house without talking to anyone, but you really should talk to the housing office first to make sure you're in the clear. Your orders may also state to speak with post housing before making arrangements
  • Buying a house or a vehicle does not need to be approved by your command. They usually just try to guide new soldiers into not getting high loan rates on new vehicles. They still can't stop you from doing it
  • If you don't do a full DITY move, then make sure to keep a uniform, important items, and some clothing in the car with you.

DITY Move: How to find out if it is worth it

When the subject of DITY (now called PPM) moves comes to the table, one can receive mixed opinions. One opinion highlights the profits you can make and the full control that it gives you, but others think that it is not worth the hassle. Let's find out if it is really worth it or not.

How to Calculate PPM/DITY Move - Updated for 2018

An extensive DITY move calculator for personally procured moves. Are you planning on executing a PPM/DITY move during 2018? Here's how to calculate your PPM/dity move's reimbursement cost. As you may already know, when doing a PPM/Dity move the government reimburses you the 90-95% of what it would have cost them to move you instead. With this incentive in mind, if you could carry out the above move spending less than the government's quote then you get to keep this difference as a profit.

DITY move or Don’t?

 As a military spouse, you probably bear the brunt of a PCS (DITY) move. Beforehand your service member, like a hopeful gold digger of old, told you tales of all the money you could make (maybe thousands of dollars!) if you moved yourselves. But you’ve heard the do-it-yourself rumors, too. Those horrific stories of families who, like the pioneers, came to the end of road busted, broke and bedraggled.
So is a DITY (now called a Personally Procured Move or PPM) worth the hassle? It depends. On these pages you’ll find the scoop on what has changed in recent years. And you’ll hear DITY stories from milspouses who’ve done it.
Here’s the biggest news: Reimbursement rates decreased in April 2017, when the services changed to the Defense Personal Property System. The new system made moving companies bid against each other and that competition lowered prices for the military. That change was a cost-saver for the government, but it generally decreased the reimbursement for military families. They now receive about 95 percent of the amount the military would pay a moving carrier for the same work.

Military Moving Options and Choices

If you are considering moving by taking advantage of military moving programs like DITY move or PPM move, you already know that you have a lot to think about. Not only do you need to find a home to live in and probably use an agent to find a moving company, but you have all the considerations to think about when it comes to moving everything too.